The Hill View Walk only takes about 45 minutes to walk at a leisurely pace, and takes in lovely views and a great variety of different vegetation in the Australian Collection section of the Golden Valley Tree Park.

When entering Golden Valley Tree Park, you have two choices for walking. The World Collection and the Australian Collection. As none of the walks are too demanding many people choose both.

The hike up to the plateau offers fine views at a spot known as Bottle Tree Lookout, named after a planted bottle tree from Queensland. Along the way you will see Kurrajong trees, sandalwood, native pines and many other species. Some species such as the weeping gum are very rare.

For regular hikers, the trail is not all that difficult, but wearing a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. The trail has a moderately steep section and is uneven in places. One of the nice features of the Hill View Walk is that you follow evenly spaced cairns (piles of rocks) instead of directional signage. The kids will enjoy the “spot the next cairn” challenge.