Our region has an abundant opportunities for fishing enthusiasts in a variety of diverse waterways.

Recreational fishing is a favorite pastime in this region, attracting locals and tourists alike. The diverse ecosystems and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for unwinding while enjoying the thrill of catching fish. Whether you’re fishing for a relaxing day on the water or targeting a specific species, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The region boasts several dams and waterways, which are popular spots for freshwater fishing. Some notable spots include Greenbushes Pool, Barrabup Pool, and Big Brook Dam. These locations are known for species such as trout, redfin, marron, and perch. Fishing from the banks, jetties, or using a small boat or kayak is common in these serene and picturesque settings.

The waterways in the region are teeming with various fish species, attracting both local and visiting anglers. The Blackwood River is a prominent river that flows through Boyup Brook, Bridgetown and Nannup, offering opportunities to catch freshwater species like trout, perch, and marron. The Warren River, Donnelly River and Frankland RiversĀ  are another popular destinations, known for western minnow, western pygmy perch, black bream and trout fishing.

For those seeking saltwater adventures, the coastal line offers excellent opportunities for ocean fishing. The Southern Ocean off the coast is home to an array of fish species, including salmon, herring, whiting, snapper, and dhufish. Anglers can cast their lines from the beach, rocks, or venture out on a fishing boat to explore deeper waters.


Fishing Regulations

It’s important to familiarise yourself with fishing regulations and licensing requirements in Western Australia before embarking on any fishing activities. Regulations may include size and bag limits, fishing seasons, and specific rules for different locations. These regulations are in place to protect fish populations and ensure sustainable fishing practices.



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