Our region is renowned for its extensive National Parks, offering pristine and diverse natural landscapes with an array of nature, wildlife, and adventure experiences.

During the day, you can explore the parks and in the evening return to your accommodation or stay at one of the designated campgrounds for an authentic Australian bush encounter.

The coastal D’Entrecasteaux National Park showcases its stunning features, including limestone cliffs adorned with towering karri trees, volcanic rock formations, ever-shifting dune systems, and picturesque beaches.

Heading inland, Shannon, Warren, Beedelup, and Mount Frankland National Parks boast remarkable attractions such as immense climbing trees, scenic mountain lookouts, meandering rivers, enchanting waterfalls, and tranquil freshwater lakes. These parks are a part of one of the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots, making them a must-visit destination to witness their remarkable ecological richness.

Immerse yourself in the Southern Forests and Valleys’ National Parks, where untouched forests and diverse bushland await, providing unforgettable encounters with nature, wildlife, and thrilling adventures.

Explore all Our National Parks

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    Tree rule here in karri country! Explore a young timber forest and discover trees from around the world.

    Big Brook State Forest

    Big Brook State Forest, Channybearup WA
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    Row, Row, Row your canoe, gently down the Blackwood River

    Blackwood River National Park

    Blackwood River National Park, Sues Road, Darradup WA
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    Wildflowers, waterfalls and history – what more could you want?

    Boorara-Gardner National Park

    Boorara - Gardner National Park, Gardner River Road, Boorara Brook WA
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    An impressive name for an impressive park – explore huge mobile sand dunes, volcanic rock columns by the sea, see a shipwreck, freshwater lakes and so much more.

    D’Entrecasteaux National Park

    D'Entrecasteaux National Park, D'Entrecasteaux Drive, Windy Harbour WA
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    Look up at the huge Diamond Tree #didyouknow it used to be a fire lookout?

    Diamond State Forest

    Diamond Tree WA
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    Deep in the heart of outstandingly beautiful tingle and karri forest, the Giant Tingle Tree is the site of a huge fire-hollowed red tingle tree.

    Giant Tingle Tree

    Giant Tingle Tree, Hilltop Road, Walpole WA
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    Walk, mountain bike and drive in the picturesque forest. While you’re here, climb the State’s most famous tree, if you dare!

    Gloucester National Park

    Gloucester National Park, Burma Road, Pemberton WA
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    Branch out and visit an incredible display of trees from all around the world.

    Golden Valley Tree Park

    Golden Valley Tree Park, Old Padbury Road, Balingup WA
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    Walk under towering trees into an enchanting forest.

    Greater Beedelup National Park

    Greater Beedelup National Park, Reeve Road, Beedelup WA
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    Forget the yellow brick road. Follow the bubbling brook until you reach Goblin Swamp. This is a fairytale of a camping trip!

    Hawke National Park

    Hawke National Park, Lake Road, Yeagarup WA
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    Appreciate the beauty of the forest as you drive through this park between Northcliffe and the South Western Highway.

    Jane National Park

    Jane National Park, Middleton Rd, Boorara Brook WA
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    Whatever the season, be sure to visit Lake Muir! A hidden gem on the Muir Highway.

    Lake Muir Nature Reserve

    Lake Muir Nature Reserve, Lake Muir WA
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    Walpole Wilderness and views from way up high. Get a bird’s eye view over wonderful Mount Frankland National Park.

    Mount Frankland National Park

    Mount Frankland National Park, Mount Frankland Road, North Walpole WA
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    Bushwalks, waterfalls, picnic areas and forest art – this delightful, forested park has something for everyone!

    Mount Frankland South National Park

    Mount Frankland South National Park, North Walpole WA
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    Mount Roe National Park adds to the untamed beauty of the Walpole Wilderness.

    Mount Roe National Park

    Mount Roe National Park, Roe Road, Rocky Gully WA
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    The remains of the historic One Tree Bridge is the centerpiece of this proposed conservation park that’s nestled along the Donnelly River.

    One Tree Bridge Area

    Donnelly River Suspension Bridge, 2037 Graphite Rd, Glenoran WA 6258
    Read More: One Tree Bridge Area
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    Camp in a native forest of tall river gums and explore the Blackwood River.

    Powlalup Nature Reserve

    Powlalup Nature Reserve, Southampton WA
    Read More: Powlalup Nature Reserve
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    Have you ever had the wild idea of taking your horse camping? Well now you can. Saddle up and ride into Shannon National Park!

    Shannon National Park

    Shannon National Park, Lower Shannon Road, Shannon WA
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    Camp alongside a babbling brook in a tranquil conservation park.

    St John Brook Conservation Park

    Workmans Pool, Barrabup WA
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    Tone-Perup is a secluded nature reserve covering 56,000 hectares in the South West. Extensive jarrah and wandoo forests provide habitat …

    Tone-Perup Nature Reserve

    Tone-perup Nature Reserve, Western Australia
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    Lake Unicup is home to many types of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals and was once the location of the Unicup Water Skiing Club.

    Unicup Nature Reserve

    Unicup Nature Reserve, Frankland River WA
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    Enjoy the best of both worlds in a park where the karri meets the sea. Two inlets provide boat loads of opportunities for water-based fun!

    Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park

    Nornalup Inlet, Western Australia
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    Explore ancient tingle and karri forests where the wifi is weak, but you’ll find a better connection.

    Walpole-Nornalup National Park

    Walpole-Nornalup National Park, South Coast Highway, Walpole WA
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    Explore the land of gentle giants in the southern forests and breathe in a lung-full of fresh karri air

    Warren National Park

    Warren National Park, Heart Break Trail, Yeagarup WA
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