Mount Frankland National Park is dominated by an impressive granite peak. The park covers 31,000 hectares of tingle, jarrah and karri forest. It’s part of the area of wild landscape called the Walpole Wilderness. Just imagine the aromatic scent of all those native trees! View the Walpole Wilderness from high above the forest floor on the Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout. From here it’s hard to see any sign of human activity or habitation. How cool is that! The forests, wetlands and heathlands below are home to heaps of plants and animals. Choose from many bushwalks depending on how much time you have and your fitness level or relax and have a picnic. Gas barbecues and picnic tables are provided at the Towerman’s Hut about 100m from the parking area.

If you’re lucky and eagle-eyed, you may spot an eagle soaring above the peak. Scan the forest woodland too, colourful fairy wrens and robins flit through the vegetation. Spring and summer are best for birdwatching.

This is a beautiful park that showcases the State’s amazing native forests and natural landscape. Isn’t it time that you got high in nature at Mount Frankland National Park?

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You can see unrestricted views of the Walpole Wilderness from the Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout, which is high above the forest floor.

Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout

Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout, Mount Frankland Road, North Walpole WA
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