This marine park covers the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets. It also includes the tidal parts of the Frankland, Deep and Walpole rivers. These rivers also feed into the estuary system.

Come and explore these connected inlets. They have their own character and feel. Walpole Inlet is shallow (at most 1m deep) while Nornalup Inlet is larger and deeper (up to 5m). The estuaries are joined by a natural 1km long and 2m deep channel, bordered by steep granite hills and rocky shores. These are known locally as ‘The Knolls’. They look pretty as a picture cloaked with dense karri, marri and tingle forest.

The park’s nature, wildlife and scenery offer a wealth of opportunities for canoeing, boating, windsurfing, fishing and other water-based activities. You can launch your boat or canoe at Rest Point, Coalmine Beach boat ramp, Walpole town jetty, Isle Road and Nornalup. Lots of options to start exploring the inlets and rivers!

A major highlight of this connected inlet system is its remote wilderness feel. There’s an untouched beauty about the place that’s easy on the eye.

It’s great to picnic and chill along the shores of the marine park. Make use of the picnic tables and barbeques at Coalmine Beach, The Channels and Sandy Beach. There is a lookout at The Knolls and the Bibbulmun Track runs alongside the edge of the marine park for a short distance.

While you’re here try your hand at fishing. There are loads of good spots to cast your line. Know the latest size, season and bag limits ( and obtain any licences that may be needed.

Need to know



Fishing spot with facilities to launch larger boats into the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park adjacent to the town of Walpole.

Town Jetty Walpole

Walpole Floating Jetty, Jones Road, Walpole WA
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A beautiful beach for a picnic, a spot of fishing and a safe place for swimming. Perfect for a family day out.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach, Broke WA
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Popular picnic spot on the shores of Nornalup Inlet, and a great place to launch a small boat, canoe or kayak to explore the marine park’s waters.

Coalmine Beach

Coalmine Beach, Walpole WA
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Picnic spot and an area to launch small boats, great for fishing and kayaking.

Isle Road

Isle Road, Broke WA
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Attractive picnic spot surrounded by towering karri, marri and tingle forest overlooking the channel between the Walpole and Nornalup inlets along The Knolls Scenic Drive.

The Channels

Knoll Drive Picnic Grounds, Inlet Lane, Nornalup WA
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An historic gazebo at the end of a jetty is a well known landmark at this popular fishing spot and boat launching site, adjacent to a privately operated caravan park. An historic gazebo at the end of a jetty is a well known landmark at this popular fishing spot and boat launching site, adjacent to…

Rest Point

Rest Point Road, Broke WA 6398
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