The Southern Forests & Valleys region is a treasure trove of natural attractions that beckon outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. From majestic forests to cascading waterfalls, scenic trails to breathtaking coastlines, our region offers a plethora of captivating destinations to explore.

Immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of The Valley of the Giants, where towering trees create a magnificent canopy that invites you to wander among nature’s giants. Experience the thrill of climbing a bushfire lookout tree and marvel at the panoramic views that unfold before your eyes.

Embark on a journey through the Golden Valley Tree Park and Foresters Wood, where an array of tree species from around the world converge in a symphony of colors and forms. Discover the rich biodiversity that thrives within this serene sanctuary and witness the resilience of these living treasures.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, our region boasts an extensive network of trails perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Lose yourself in the beauty of ancient forests as you traverse the trails that wind through the landscape, offering glimpses of wildlife and hidden surprises along the way.

Unwind and rejuvenate at the forest-encircled swimming spots, where crystal-clear waters beckon you to take a refreshing dip. Explore cascading waterfalls that create a symphony of sound and spectacle, leaving you in awe of nature’s power and grace.

Take in the breathtaking views from historic lookouts that offer panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes, allowing you to appreciate the region’s natural beauty from a new perspective. Whether it’s mighty rivers, awe-inspiring coastlines, or sculptural landscapes, each attraction is a testament to the region’s diverse and captivating charm.

Pack your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in the outdoor wonders of the Southern Forests & Valleys region.

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  1. A young man walking along a zip line in Pemberton, Western Australia.

    We’re soaring to all new heights among the giants of the South West on our expertly designed ziplines and high …

    Aerial Adventure Pemberton

    Burma Rd, Pemberton WA 6260
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    Truffle hunts on a genuine, down to earth Truffle farm tour.

    Australian Truffle Traders

    243 Pozzi Rd, Dingup WA 6258
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    Barrabup Pool is a lovely natural pool. On a hot summer day, it’s the ideal spot to take in the scenery or go for a swim.

    Barrabup Pool

    Barrabup pool, Barrabup WA
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    Beedelup Falls soothing water flow adorns the enchanting world of giant stands of karri, as well as smaller pockets of jarrah and marri trees.

    Beedelup Falls

    Beedelup Falls, Beedelup National Park, Beedelup WA
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    Big Brook Dam is one of the attractions on the Karri Forest Explorer Drive and a great place for a family outing.

    Big Brook Dam

    Big Brook Dam Foreshore & Picnic Area, Channybearup WA
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    Black Point is a massive outcrop of hexagonal basalt columns formed 135 million years ago by volcanic lava flow.

    Black Point

    Black Point, Black Point Road, Lake Jasper WA
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    Welcome to Cambray Cheese, situated amidst rolling hills and lush pastures, our artisanal cheese farm is a haven for cheese …

    Cambray Cheese

    4573 Vasse Hwy, Cundinup WA 6275
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    Popular picnic spot on the shores of Nornalup Inlet, and a great place to launch a small boat, canoe or kayak to explore the marine park’s waters.

    Coalmine Beach

    Coalmine Beach, Walpole WA
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    From the lookout over Conspicuous Cliff, take in the powerful beauty of the southern coastline.

    Conspicuous Cliff

    Conspicuous Cliff, Nornalup WA
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    Spoiled for choice of beaches to discover along this park’s 130km coastline. Backed by limestone cliffs, large dunes and pounded by waves from the mighty Southern Ocean, these beaches are only accessible by four-wheel drive but are well worth the visit.

    D’Entrecasteaux Beaches

    D'Entrecasteaux National Park, D'Entrecasteaux Drive, Windy Harbour WA
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    Test your nerve and climb 65m up this enormous karri tree and into the forest canopy.

    Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

    Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, Yeagarup WA
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    Donnelly River cruises is an award-winning experience not to be missed. Operating daily, with bus pick-ups also available from Pemberton …

    Donnelly River Cruises

    Donnelly River Boat Ramp, Boat Landing Road, Yeagarup WA
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    General Store – (08) 9772 1308 After Hours – (08) 9772 1612

    Donnelly River Village

    Donnelly River Village, Donnelly River WA
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    A historic mill town nestled deep in the heart of Australia’s South West karri forests, it’s the perfect place for …

    Donnelly River Village Drive Trail

    Distance 21km
    Difficulty Easy
    Time 1-3 hours
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    Spend a few hours, or a few days, exploring the waters of the Deep River at Fernhook Falls.

    Fernhook Falls

    Fernhook Falls, Beardmore Road, North Walpole WA
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    Make sure you visit the ‘Heart of the Wood’ where you can learn how the oak, cedar of Lebanon, ash and laurel have changed the course of history.

    Foresters Wood

    Glenoran WA
    Read More: Foresters Wood
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    Calling all foodies and culinary adventurers! Get ready to tantalise your taste buds and embark on an genuinely extraordinary journey …

    Genuinely Southern Forests

    1 Johnston Crescent, Manjimup WA
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    Deep in the heart of outstandingly beautiful tingle and karri forest, the Giant Tingle Tree is the site of a huge fire-hollowed red tingle tree.

    Giant Tingle Tree

    Giant Tingle Tree, Hilltop Road, Walpole WA
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    EXPLORE PARKS PARK ALERT The Gloucester Tree within Gloucester National Park is closed for climbing until further notice due to …

    Gloucester Tree

    Gloucester Tree, Burma Road, Pemberton WA
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    Branch out and visit an incredible display of trees from all around the world.

    Golden Valley Tree Park

    Golden Valley Tree Park, Old Padbury Road, Balingup WA
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    Greenbushes pool is an attractive natural waterhole located on the Spring Gully Watercourse, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Greenbushes Pool …

    Greenbushes Pool

    Greenbushes Pool, Greenbushes Loop, Greenbushes WA
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    Looking for an exciting and educational outing? Located in the heart of the South West, the Greenbushes Mine Lookout offers …

    Greenbushes Public Mine Lookout

    Mine lookout, Telluride Street, Greenbushes WA
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    We invite you to view the creative works of many accomplished South West artists at the Holberry Sculpture Walk. This …

    Holberry Sculpture Walk

    14 Grange Road, Nannup WA
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    Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Western Australia’s Manjimup region, Hound & Hunter Fine Foods stands as a culinary gem, …

    Hound and Hunter Fine Foods

    2 Chopping Street, Manjimup WA
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    Views over pristine waterways, and great for a picnic on your travels.

    John Rate Lookout

    John Rate Lookout, Broke WA
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    The Karri Forest Explorer Drive winds through some of the south-west’s most magnificent karri forest.

    Karri Forest Explorer

    Read More: Karri Forest Explorer
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    Named after the Norwegian barque Mandalay, wrecked there in 1911, Mandalay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Walpole area.

    Mandalay Beach

    Mandalay Beach, Western Australia
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    Discover the many stories of Manjimup and the Southern Forests as you explore the 12 hectare Manjimup Heritage Park featuring …

    Manjimup Heritage Park

    151 Giblett Street, Manjimup WA
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    Moons Crossing is a stunning section of the Warren River between Pemberton and Northcliffe, which boasts breathtaking rock pools that …

    Moons Crossing

    Shire of Manjimup, 1 Moons Crossing Rd, Pemberton WA 6260
    Read More: Moons Crossing
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    Enjoy the 360 degree views of the surrounding forest, heathlands, coast and the magnificent Yeagarup Dunes from the top of this granite monadnock

    Mount Chudalup

    Mount Chudalup, Windy Harbour WA
    Read More: Mount Chudalup
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    Tearooms, Gift Shop, Campground, and Fresh Cut Lavender

    Nannup Lavender Farm

    4365 Graphite Road, Carlotta WA
    Read More: Nannup Lavender Farm
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    Old Vasse Trout and Marron Farm is located amidst the magnificent Karri trees on the edge of the Warren National …

    Old Vasse Trout & Marron Farm

    Pemberton-Northcliffe Road, Collins WA
    Read More: Old Vasse Trout & Marron Farm
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    Historic old bridge constructed from one single log.

    One Tree Bridge

    One Tree Bridge, Graphite Road, Glenoran WA
    Read More: One Tree Bridge
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    You will find the enchanting Pemberton Pool nestled within the towering trees of Pemberton Forest Park in the centre of …

    Pemberton Pool

    Swimming Pool Road, Pemberton WA
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    All aboard at the Pemberton Railway Station for these return services which meander through towering Karri and Marri over trestle …

    Pemberton Tramway

    Read More: Pemberton Tramway
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    Racecourse Flora Reserve is situated between the towns of Mullalyup and Balingup, approximately 2.5 kilometers northwest of Balingup. In 1999 …

    Racecourse Flora Reserve

    Balingup Racecourse Flora Reserve, South Western Highway, Balingup WA
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    A Secret Picnic Adventure is a fun game, an informative sightseeing experience and a gourmet picnic all in one. These …

    Secret Picnic Adventures

    Bridgetown WA
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    Welcome to our exclusive Southern Forests Experiences! Travel with Me has been working with Peter Casonato, a long-time Manjimup local …

    Southern Forests Experiences

    Manjimup WA
    Read More: Southern Forests Experiences
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    The Award-Winning State Timber Museum Explore Manjimup’s rich timber heritage at our Timber Museum, a vital tribute to the timber …

    State Timber Museum

    State Timber Museum, Rose Street, Manjimup WA
    Read More: State Timber Museum
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    Take a stroll through old growth karri forest. Keep an open mind and expect to be challenged.

    Swarbrick Art Loop

    Swarbrick Art Loop, Logging Road, North Walpole WA
    Read More: Swarbrick Art Loop
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    Soak up the stunning views of the Southern Ocean crashing against the shore from the clifftop at Tookulup.


    Tookulup Lookout, Windy Harbour WA
    Read More: Tookulup
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    ‘Explore the ancient giant tingle forest of the Walpole Wilderness and take a walk in the tree tops 40m high above the ground.

    Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

    Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Valley of the Giants Rd, Tingledale WA 6333
    Read More: Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk
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    Windy Harbour provides visitors with a safe harbour, on a wild coastline and rewarding fishing with stunning views of the Southern Ocean.

    Windy Harbour

    Windy Harbour WA
    Read More: Windy Harbour
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    Embark on a remarkable adventure as you cruise along the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets, two interconnected waterways renowned for their …

    WOW Wilderness Eco Cruise

    WOW Wilderness EcoCruises, Boronia Street, Walpole WA
    Read More: WOW Wilderness Eco Cruise
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    Enjoy magnificent views of the lake and nearby Yeagarup dunes from the boardwalk.


    Yeagerup Dunes, Yeagarup WA
    Read More: Yeagarup