Welcome to our exclusive Southern Forests Experiences! Travel with Me has been working with Peter Casonato, a long-time Manjimup local and owner of Donnelly River Cruises, on a series (Trilogy) of “Hidden Gems” Experiential Journeys.

Our 3 seasonal Gems Journeys focus on meeting the locals who run the farms and vineyards in the Southern Forests Region. We are the only operator that can connect you to the local people and producers in the area. Our mates will become your mates as you learn their stories and share in some uniquely genuine experiences.

Guests will learn about and taste the local wine in very unique ways, like dinner cooked by a well-known, local winemaker at their own home or a cheese-making and wine pairing event hosted by another amazing local winemaker.

We have exclusive access to areas not normally open to the public. This behind-the-scenes access allows for a better understanding of the region that is fast becoming known as the food bowl of WA.

Of course, there is plenty of fine food and wine to sample along the way including some private dinners with multi-award-winning chefs to showcase the local food and wine.

Flavours & Gems of the Southern Forests

In the same style as all our Gems, you will get to meet the locals who farm the land, the grape growers and winemakers who make some incredible wines (and Gins). You will hear their stories and understand their passion, you will visit their homes, walk their farms and enjoy their wonderful fresh produce, ultimately walking away with a deep understanding and admiration of this gorgeous and rich region of the world.

We have included many new experiences in our latest, Flavours & Gems of the Southern Forests and of course some exclusive and private dinners with the well-known local chefs. Get ready for an explosion of flavour with the fresh summer produce and world-class wines & gins. Get ready to feel connected to this awesome community in the Southern Forests where you will definitely want to return.

Trip Highlights
A visit with Mikey and Allexa of Pemberton Honey
Private Gin/Vodka and Wine Tasting at Ampersand Estates
Private Donnelly River BBQ Sunset Cruise with Marron Entree
Private Dinner and tasting at Silkwood Estate
Tomato workshop with Chef George
Feature farewell dinner at Two Little Blackbirds and Joe Ditri using the flavours of the Southern Forests.
Meeting the farmers on their farms and learning about their produce

Truffles & Other Hidden Gems of the Southern Forests 

Are you looking for a more authentic experience for your next holiday? Do you want to meet the locals and know their stories and learn more about the wonderful towns and produce we have in our own backyard here in WA? Join us for this unique experiential journey in the Southern Forests and support the local farmers and local businesses from around town. Our group numbers are limited to only 12 to ensure a personalized and exclusive experience, in an atmosphere where you are encouraged to participate and meet some of the unique characters of the region. Our aim is to have you depart with a total experience with an appreciation of the magnificence of your own backyard. This will be the third season for our Truffles & Other Hidden Gems of the Southern Forests and it sure is a game changer!

Trip Highlights
Truffle hunt with expert Trufflers, Gidgee and Max
A very unique dinner by the Peos family, farmers and winemakers in Manjimup for more than 90 years.
Exclusive 6 course Truffle dining experience with Chef Joe Ditri
Exclusive Farm Visits
A unique truffle product and wine pairing experience at Truffle Hill
Private dinner at Silkwood Estate with Truffle Workshop
Meet the gorgeous chics at Three Ryans Farm

Spring Gems of The Southern Forests

This time of the year is especially beautiful, not only with the incredible wildflowers, but as a major fruit-growing area, we can expect to see some flowering blossom trees like cherry plums, pears, cherries, flowering peaches, and more. If you thought Manjimup/Pemberton and the Southern Forests were stunning before, just wait until you see them in Spring Time!

Special highlights for our Spring Blossoms include an exclusive tour through Bannister Downs Dairy where you can watch the cows bring themselves into this incredible, state of the art facility, The Creamery, when they want to be milked. We will then use this award wining milk in a unique cheese-making workshop at Lost Lake Winery.

Trip Highlights
A unique cheese Workshop at Lost Lake Winery
Dinner at Woodgate Winery cellar door with Wine Maker, Mark Aitken. Dinner fully catered for by Chef Joe Ditri
A Pizza night out at Peos Estate with the Peos Family
Touring through the beautiful forest regions where the wildflowers add that extra special color pop and aroma.
Visiting farms and grasping the agricultural importance of the Region.
Meet the characters who produce the food. Sample their delicacies and pick some up for your evening meal.
Meet the chefs who are preparing your exclusive dinners and they will excite you on the use of local produce.
A visit to an organic Tea Plantation, one of Southern Forests newest Gems.
Engage all of your senses
Private farewell dinner prepared by well known local chef, Joe Ditri. A 6 course degustation featuring the produce we have learned about during the week