The beautiful national parks of the Southern Forests and Valleys offer plenty of camping spots where you can enjoy stunning scenery and reconnect with nature. Whether you’re looking for a trackside shelter after a big day’s hiking or biking, or somewhere to set up for a longer visit, there’s a site to suit. 

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    Banksia Camp is a great choice for a family holiday, with camping and fishing and spectacular coastal views across to Chatham Island.

    Banksia Camp

    Banksia Campground, State Route 3, Broke WA
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    A small campground hidden in the forest up the hill behind Barrabup Pool.

    Barrabup Campground

    Barrabup pool, Barrabup WA
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    The Big Brook Arboretum is 3km from Big Brook Dam, along the Karri Forest Explorer Drive

    Big Brook Arboretum

    Big Brook Arboretum, Rainbow Trail, Pemberton WA
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    Camp near the exotic trees of the Big Brook Arboretum.

    Big Brook Arboretum Campground

    big brook arboretum campground
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    It’s first come, first served to camp near this incredible rock formation and to enjoy fishing or surfing.

    Black Point Campgrounds

    Seal Cove Campsite, Black Point Road, Lake Jasper WA
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    Broke Inlet is a large, shallow estuary which is seasonally open to the Southern Ocean.

    Broke Inlet

    Broke Inlet, Broke WA
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    A delightful picnic area, lookout, river pool and campground in the forest at the confluence of Chapman Brook and the Blackwood River.

    Chapman Pool/Warner Glen

    Chapman Pool, Warner Glen WA
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    Coodamurrup Hut is a relic from the pastoral era and camping is provided in a nearby peppermint woodland.

    Coodamurrup Hut Campground

    Coodamurrup Hut Campground
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    Crystal Springs, once a stop on the stockman’s route, now is a place to rest at this lovely camping area.

    Crystal Springs Campground

    Crystal Springs Campsite, Mandalay Beach Road, Broke WA
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    Experience a night in the karri forest at Drafty’s Camp. Two camping loops with shady campsites are scattered along the Warren River under the karri and marri trees.

    Draftys Campground

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    Camp the night in the forest near a small waterfall that is a raging torrent in winter.

    Fernhook Falls Campground

    Fernhook Falls, Beardmore Road, North Walpole WA
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    Camp under the shade of the peppermint trees on the edge of Carey Brook.

    Grass Tree Hollow – Carey Brook

    Grass Tree Hollow, Boat Landing Road, Beedelup WA
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    You can bring your dog to this pretty campground situated on a bend in the Donnelly River.

    Greens Island Campground

    Greens Island Campground, Glenoran WA
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    Bush Camping at Harvey Dickson’s Country Music Centre, Boyup Brook Western Australia offers a unique camping experience with picturesque surroundings, …

    Harvey Dickson Bush Camping

    Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre, Boyup Brook WA
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    Come for a paddle, stay for the night and experience Lake Jasper at sunrise

    Lake Jasper Campground

    Lake Jasper Campground, Lake Jasper WA
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    Leaning Marri Campground offers six shady single campsites and one group campsite with a shared shelter

    Leaning Marri Campground

    Leaning Marri Campsite, Brockman St, Pemberton WA
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    Nestled in pristine jarrah forest, individual self-contained chalets are surrounded by natural bush, offering privacy and tranquility. Situated only 6km …

    Loose Goose Chalets & Function Centre

    370 Barrabup Road, Nannup WA
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    Northcliffe Bush Camp is a secluded camping ground located in the heart of Western Australia’s Karri Forest. Surrounded by towering …

    Northcliffe Bush Camp

    Northcliffe Bush Camp, 157 Riverway Road, Boorara Brook WA
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    Shannon Horse Camp is a large fenced area for camping with horses at the trailhead for the Shannon National Park bridle trails.

    Shannon Horse Camp

    Shannon National Park Campground, Shannon WA
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    Shannon is a large campground close to the South Western Highway in the Southern Forests. Booking Bookings are essential and …

    Shannon National Park Campground

    Shannon National Park Campground, Shannon WA
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    Spend a night by the crystal clear waters of Carey Brook at this well appointed campground.

    Snottygobble Loop – Carey Brook

    Carey Brook - Snottygobble Loop, Yeagarup WA
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    Sues Bridge Campground has easy access to the Blackwood River for swimming and launching of canoes and kayaks for campers and other visitors.

    Sues Bridge Campground

    Sues Road, Schroeder WA 6285
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    Warner Glen Campground is located on the banks of Chapman Brook, near the confluence with the Blackwood River.

    Warner Glen Campground

    Warner Glen Campsite, Blackwood Ave, Augusta WA
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    Warren campground has six secluded campsites tucked away in the forest.

    Warren Campground

    Warren Campground, Heart Break Trail, Yeagarup WA
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    Windy Harbour provides visitors with a safe harbour, on a wild coastline and rewarding fishing with stunning views of the Southern Ocean.

    Windy Harbour

    Windy Harbour WA
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    A small campground set in the forest next to the gently flowing St John Brook and its picturesque river pools.

    Workmans Pool Campground

    Workmans Pool, Barrabup WA
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    A campground close to, but just outside of the nature reserve

    Wrights Bridge

    Wright's Bridge Campsite, Nannup Rd, Southampton WA
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    Enjoy magnificent views of the lake and nearby Yeagarup dunes from the boardwalk.


    Yeagerup Dunes, Yeagarup WA
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    The Hut is a spacious shelter with enclosed sleeping areas, picnic tables and toilets.

    Yeagarup Hut

    Yeagarup Hut, Ritter Rd, Yeagarup WA
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