This pristine area is a haven for birdlife. Pelicans and cormorants can be seen bobbing about on the sheltered waters and you may be lucky enough to spot hooded plovers on the beach and sandy areas.

Broke Inlet is the only large estuary in the South-West which has not been significantly altered either by developments along its shores or within its catchment area. The Shannon and Inlet rivers flow into Broke Inlet and the water is nearly fresh prior to the bar breaking and the sea water flowing in.

The Inlet is linked to the Southern Ocean by a narrow seasonally open channel that passes through high ridges of sand dunes.

There are no formal camping areas at Broke Inlet but you can find your own site along the edge of the inlet or nestle into the sand dunes closer to the mouth.

Please take your rubbish home with you and dispose of it appropriately. Toilet facilities are not provided so please take along your own chemical toilet or bury toilet waste at least 15cm deep and at least 100m away from campsites and water courses.

Campfires are usually permitted, in a container or drum, between April 15 and November 30 but fire restrictions may be imposed at any time and without notice. When fire restrictions are in place, campfires must not be lit and any appliance powered by burning solid fuel must not be used. Ground fires are not permitted at any time. Please bring your own firewood.

Campers own liquid or gas fuel barbeques, stoves and heaters can be used at any time, unless a total fire ban has been declared.

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