The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree within Warren National Park will be closed to climbing from Friday 21 July 2023 until further notice.
The tree will be closed due to scheduled maintenance and inspection.
The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree day-use site will remain open including toilets and surrounding walk trails.
For more information, contact the Parks and Wildlife Services Pemberton office on (08) 9776 1207.

Bicentennial Tree Community Update – November 2023

The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree is the tallest of two fire lookout trees that are open to the public in the Pemberton area. It was pegged in 1988 as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. Although it was built for visitors to climb and appreciate, it has been used on occasions as a fire lookout when the aircraft were unable to fly.

Steel rungs are pegged around the tree to form a spiral ladder that leads to a lookout at the top, with stunning views of the sprawling forest canopy.

If you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground, there is a wooden deck with bench seating at the bottom of the tree. The path to the deck is a flat, dirt trail with some natural debris and is accessible for wheelchair users.


Top Reasons to Visit:

  • World’s Tallest Tree-Top Lookout: Climb a staggering 75 meters (246 feet) into the canopy to reach the highest treetop lookout in the world. As you ascend the tree, each step fills you with a sense of achievement and excitement, culminating in an unparalleled view of the surrounding landscape.
  • Adventure for All: The climb to the top is an adventure accessible to most visitors. While it demands a fair amount of courage and determination, no specialised climbing skills are necessary.
  • Immersed in Nature: Pemberton’s forest scenery is straight out of a fairy tale. As you climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, you’ll be embraced by the lush greenery, the soothing whispers of the wind, and the songs of native birds. It’s an immersive experience like no other.
  • Historical Significance: Learn about the fascinating history of the tree and the region’s timber industry.
  • Photographer’s Paradise: Capture moments of pure bliss and triumph as you reach the pinnacle of the tree. The breathtaking vistas and the genuine exhilaration on your face will create memories that last a lifetime.

Need to know

Dog Friendly

No pets allowed

Park Entry Fee

Standard park entry fees apply for Warren National Park.


Toilets are available

Wheelchair accessible

The path to the deck is a flat, dirt trail with some natural debris and is accessible for wheelchair users.