Spectacular limestone cliffs, after which the place is named, are a photographer’s delight, as is the large surf that pounds the shore of this pristine beach.

The walk trails and lookouts provide spectacular views and a chance to witness the antics of migrating whales in winter and spring. Take your time and appreciate the fabulous coastal heathland featuring swamp paperbark and the red flowering gum.

From the parking area (200m return) there is a picnic shelter and accessible lookout platform. There is a fantastic boardwalk and stairs down to the beach where you can fish for salmon, feel the sand between your toes as you comb the beach for shells. Seabirds and other marine life are found here all year round.

Need to know

Dog Friendly

No pets allowed

Park Entry Fee

Entry to Walpole-Nornalup National Park is free.


Toilets are available. Flushable Wheelchair accessible There are male and female accessible toilets on the Conspicuous Cliffs viewing track. The toilets are a mirror image of one another. The toilets are located about 30m from the car park, along a bitumen path with gradients up to 1:14.

Site access

There are three 10m long ramps with a gradient of 1:14 along the path. The viewing platform at the end of the path has two decks. The first deck is level with the path providing access for people who use mobility devices. Two steps lead down to the second deck where bench seats are provided. Both platforms offer good views onto the beach and the limestone cliffs. There is a set of steep stairs and boardwalk with a handrail on one side down onto the beach.


Parking is in unmarked compacted gravel bays. The bays are 3.5m wide and 5m long. The gravel parking area connects directly with a wide bitumen path. The path slopes gently down from the car park about 100m to the lookout.




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