Launch your boat and drop a fishing line in the Deep or Frankland Rivers – the bream await! Or, simply laze about in the tranquility of the inlets on a canoe in summer. There are peaceful places to discover and enjoy a refreshing swim, picnic or barbeque. Winter is the time for a challenge with a heart pounding paddle as the river waters swirl and rage.

There are many bushwalking tracks to enjoy, including the Bibbulmun Track. For mountain bikers, the Munda Biddi Trail passes through the majestic jarrah, karri and tingle forests.

Take a walk 40m high in the tops of the tingle trees on the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. The ancient tingle forest in the heart of the Walpole Wilderness has many secrets to reveal – be sure to book a walking tour to find out more.

Drive to the many vantage points along the rugged coastline and enjoy the wildflowers when in season. Keep a lookout for whales on their migratory journey along the rugged southern coastline or spot your next surf break.

Need to know



A delightful place to enjoy the forest and breathe in the fresh air.

Circular Pool

Circular Pool, Pool Road, North Walpole WA
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Popular picnic spot on the shores of Nornalup Inlet, and a great place to launch a small boat, canoe or kayak to explore the marine park’s waters.

Coalmine Beach

Coalmine Beach, Walpole WA
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From the lookout over Conspicuous Cliff, take in the powerful beauty of the southern coastline.

Conspicuous Cliff

Conspicuous Cliff, Nornalup WA
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Deep in the heart of outstandingly beautiful tingle and karri forest, the Giant Tingle Tree is the site of a huge fire-hollowed red tingle tree.

Giant Tingle Tree

Giant Tingle Tree, Hilltop Road, Walpole WA
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Hilltop offers spectacular views over the Southern Ocean and Nornalup Inlet, Saddle Island and Goose Island.

Hilltop Lookout

Hilltop Lookout, Hilltop Road, Walpole WA
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Boating, fishing, picnicking….a peaceful spot to enjoy the inlet.

Irwin Inlet

Irwin Inlet, Bow Bridge WA
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A picnic spot on the banks of the Irwin Inlet near Peaceful Bay.

Irwin Inlet Picnic Area

Bow Bridge WA 6333
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Picnic spot and an area to launch small boats, great for fishing and kayaking.

Isle Road

Isle Road, Broke WA
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Views over pristine waterways, and great for a picnic on your travels.

John Rate Lookout

John Rate Lookout, Broke WA
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Quiet as a Monastery here

Monastery Landing

Monastery Landing, Monastery Road, Walpole WA
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‘Enjoy a picnic under the tall karri and tingle trees and take a walk to the summit of Mount Clare which has stunning views of the Southern Ocean and Walpole Wilderness.

Mount Clare

Mount Clare, Tinglewood Road, Broke WA
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An historic gazebo at the end of a jetty is a well known landmark at this popular fishing spot and boat launching site, adjacent to a privately operated caravan park. An historic gazebo at the end of a jetty is a well known landmark at this popular fishing spot and boat launching site, adjacent to…

Rest Point

Rest Point Road, Broke WA 6398
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‘An historic sawpit which demonstrates how timber was sawn in the area from the 1860s.

Rest Point Saw Pit

Rest Point Road, Walpole WA 6398
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A beautiful beach for a picnic, a spot of fishing and a safe place for swimming. Perfect for a family day out.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach, Broke WA
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Attractive picnic spot surrounded by towering karri, marri and tingle forest overlooking the channel between the Walpole and Nornalup inlets along The Knolls Scenic Drive.

The Channels

Knoll Drive Picnic Grounds, Inlet Lane, Nornalup WA
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‘Explore the ancient giant tingle forest of the Walpole Wilderness and take a walk in the tree tops 40m high above the ground.

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Valley of the Giants Rd, Tingledale WA 6333
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