Come and explore one of the parks that make up the Walpole Wilderness. We think you’ll love bushwalking in the large areas of old growth karri and jarrah forest. This is home to some of the state’s oldest karri trees. The walk trails offer many opportunities to see them up close. In Spring wonderful colourful displays of wildflowers are at their peak but this park is magical all year round.

Have you ever seen a wild river? It’s officially a thing and the park has one. The Deep River winds its way through the park, cascading over granite boulders at Fernhook Falls. It’s one of the few rivers in the South West with an almost completely forested catchment. Don’t be fooled by the brown appearance, the water is of high quality. Flowing its way to the Walpole Inlet and out to the Southern Ocean.

While you’re here get all arty and check out the surprising sculptures at Swarbrick Forest. The selection of forest artworks challenges us to explore our perceptions of wilderness. What will you see at ‘the wall of perceptions’?

You can camp at Fernhook Falls if you need a little more time to contemplate

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Spend a few hours, or a few days, exploring the waters of the Deep River at Fernhook Falls.

Fernhook Falls

Fernhook Falls, Beardmore Road, North Walpole WA
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A great place to stop for a picnic and a short bush walk when travelling between Walpole and Manjimup.

Mount Burnett

Mount Burnett Picnic Area, North Walpole WA
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Take a stroll through old growth karri forest. Keep an open mind and expect to be challenged.

Swarbrick Art Loop

Swarbrick Art Loop, Logging Road, North Walpole WA
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Camp the night in the forest near a small waterfall that is a raging torrent in winter.

Fernhook Falls Campground

Fernhook Falls, Beardmore Road, North Walpole WA
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