D’Entrecasteaux National Park is an important conservation area of wild, pristine beauty; blessed with white beaches, rugged coastal cliffs and towering karri forests. This park takes its name from French Admiral Bruni D’Entrecasteaux who sailed past on a scientific expedition in 1792. That may seem like ancient history, but no, fossil evidence show that Noongar Aboriginal people lived in this area over 6,000 years ago!

D’Entrecasteaux National Park is a narrow strip of land which stretches along 130km of coastline between Augusta and Walpole. You’ll discover hexagonal-shaped volcanic rock columns, tall forests, freshwater lakes and super-sized sand dunes – the largest land-locked mobile dune system in the southern hemisphere. This landscape of contrasts will have you reaching for your camera/phone for that Insta-worthy shot!

In 1911, a small iron sailing ship called the Mandalay was wrecked off Mandalay Beach. If you are there when the tide is out you might be able to see what remains of it from the shore.

Long white beaches are good for swimming, snorkelling, diving, and fishing. Follow the coastline on walking tracks for ocean views. From September to November, you might see migrating southern right whales along the coast and New Zealand fur seals have been seen at Black Point.

The park is rich in plants, mosses and lichens and is home to many native animals. Look out for woylies, quokkas, chuditch, possums, wallabies and bandicoots. Inland, the freshwater wetlands are an important habitat for waterbirds.

We think you’ll love it here, so take a walk on the wild side.

Safety information
Plan when to visit. Consider travelling with a personal location beacon (PLB). In the event you need to be rescued it could save your life!

D’Entrecasteaux National Park is a remote area and visitors should come prepared.
Coastal risks include king waves, tidal surges and cliff collapses. Lives have been lost along this coast so please take care in and around the water.
Exercise extreme caution near cliff edges especially when fishing.
Supervise children at all times.
Mobile phone communication in the park is generally poor and should not be relied upon. Be aware that you need mobile coverage to contact emergency services on 000. Ensure you monitor mobile phone signal while in the park and seek high points in the landscape to aid communication.

Smartreka Maps
Before you go, download free, geo-referenced maps of D’Entrecasteaux National Park to your mobile device and locate yourself without the internet. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Plants, Wildlife and Fungi
Vegetation is mostly coastal heathlands, grasslands and low woodlands, with scattered pockets of karri forest. Mount Chudalup, a large granite outcrop, boasts a unique ecosystem with 42 species of moss, 28 species of lichen and 6 species of liverwort, some of which are found nowhere else. Much of the biologically diverse flora of the south-west is represented in the park, with more than 850 native plant species to be found here.

D’Entrecasteaux is home to a number of threatened species, including woylies, quokkas and the chudditch. New Zealand fur-seals have been seen at Black Point. Other animals which can be seen include possums, wallabies and bandicoots. Southern right whales migrate along the coast from September to November. Sandy Island is an important nesting site for flesh-footed shearwaters and Lake Jasper and Lake Maringup are recognised as two of the 5 most important wetlands for waterbirds on the south coast.

Need to know

Dog Friendly

No dogs (or other pets) allowed in this park

Park Entry Fee

Standard park entry fees apply for D'Entrecasteaux National Park. Standard Concession Standard vehicle (12 or fewer occupants) $15.00 per vehicle $8.00 per vehicle Large vehicle (more than 12 occupants) $7.00 per person $2.50 per person Motorcycle $8.00 No concession A valid park pass covers the park entry fees.



Launch a private vessel or join a chartered tour to make your way downstream to the mouth of the Donnelly River.

Donnelly Boat Landing

Donnelly River Boat Ramp, Boat Landing Road, Yeagarup WA
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Enjoy magnificent views of the lake and nearby Yeagarup dunes from the boardwalk.


Yeagerup Dunes, Yeagarup WA
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Walk along a beach with thundering surf beneath rugged cliffs or take in the dramatic coastal scenery from numerous lookouts

Salmon Beach

Salmon Beach, Western Australia
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Experience the best of the south-west’s wild, windswept coast at Point D’Entrecasteaux from several cliff top lookout platforms

Point D’Entrecasteaux

Point d’Entrecasteaux, D’Entrecasteaux Drive, Windy Harbour WA
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Soak up the stunning views of the Southern Ocean crashing against the shore from the clifftop at Tookulup.


Tookulup Lookout, Windy Harbour WA
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Spoiled for choice of beaches to discover along this park’s 130km coastline. Backed by limestone cliffs, large dunes and pounded by waves from the mighty Southern Ocean, these beaches are only accessible by four-wheel drive but are well worth the visit.

D’Entrecasteaux Beaches

D'Entrecasteaux National Park, D'Entrecasteaux Drive, Windy Harbour WA
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Named after the Norwegian barque Mandalay, wrecked there in 1911, Mandalay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Walpole area.

Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Beach, Western Australia
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Enjoy the 360 degree views of the surrounding forest, heathlands, coast and the magnificent Yeagarup Dunes from the top of this granite monadnock

Mount Chudalup

Mount Chudalup, Windy Harbour WA
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Black Point is a massive outcrop of hexagonal basalt columns formed 135 million years ago by volcanic lava flow.

Black Point

Black Point, Black Point Road, Lake Jasper WA
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Windy Harbour provides visitors with a safe harbour, on a wild coastline and rewarding fishing with stunning views of the Southern Ocean.

Windy Harbour

Windy Harbour WA
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Broke Inlet is a large, shallow estuary which is seasonally open to the Southern Ocean.

Broke Inlet

Broke Inlet, Broke WA
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Leaning Marri Campground offers six shady single campsites and one group campsite with a shared shelter

Leaning Marri Campground

Leaning Marri Campsite, Brockman St, Pemberton WA
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Come for a paddle, stay for the night and experience Lake Jasper at sunrise

Lake Jasper Campground

Lake Jasper Campground, Lake Jasper WA
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The Hut is a spacious shelter with enclosed sleeping areas, picnic tables and toilets.

Yeagarup Hut

Yeagarup Hut, Ritter Rd, Yeagarup WA
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Crystal Springs, once a stop on the stockman’s route, now is a place to rest at this lovely camping area.

Crystal Springs Campground

Crystal Springs Campsite, Mandalay Beach Road, Broke WA
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Banksia Camp is a great choice for a family holiday, with camping and fishing and spectacular coastal views across to Chatham Island.

Banksia Camp

Banksia Campground, State Route 3, Broke WA
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Coodamurrup Hut is a relic from the pastoral era and camping is provided in a nearby peppermint woodland.

Coodamurrup Hut Campground

Coodamurrup Hut Campground
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It’s first come, first served to camp near this incredible rock formation and to enjoy fishing or surfing.

Black Point Campgrounds

Seal Cove Campsite, Black Point Road, Lake Jasper WA
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Coastal Survivors Walk Trail, D’Entrecasteaux National Park

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Yeagarup Sand Dunes Walk Trail, D’Entrecasteaux National Park

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This track is in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park and starts at Yeagarup Lake near Leaning Marri Campground. The Lake is …

Yeagarup Track To Yeagarup Beach 4Wd Trail

Distance 10.5km
Difficulty Difficult
Time 1-3 hours
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The 4.8km, moderately difficult Mount Pingerup Walk Trail, is steep in places and offers spectacular views of Broke Inlet, the …

Mount Pingerup Walk Trail

Distance 4.8km
Difficulty Difficult
Time 1-3 hours
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Situated 16 km south of Northcliffe just off the Windy Harbour Road, Mount Chudalup towers over the surrounding karri forest. …

Mt Chudalup Summit Walk Trail

Distance 2km
Difficulty Moderate
Time Under 1 hour
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