Unicup Nature Reserve was created in 1960 and covers 3296 hectares. The centre piece of this reserve is Lake Unicup which was a popular place for waterskiing in the 1960’s. The old ski club shed is still there. These days, the water level is too low for water skiing but you can bring your kayak and go for a paddle instead!

Lake Unicup is part of the Muir/Unicup recovery catchment and eight species of water birds are known to breed in these wetlands including the little bittern, spotless crake, Australian shelduck and Australasian bitterns.

The wet areas around the lake support dense stands of jointed rush and other sedges and reserves in this area have some of the biggest areas of natural sedgelands in WA.

Lake Unicup is a quiet, out of the way spot and is a great place to go bird watching or looking for orchids.

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