Gloucester National Park has lots of walking trails and you can mountain bike here too. Pick a trail and take a journey through the beautiful karri forest of the park. Karri trees only grow in southwestern Australia. They’re the tallest type of tree in the State and can grow up to 95m high. You can recognise them by their tall straight trunk and smooth bark.

In Spring and Summer, the karri canopy bursts into white flowers. The rowdy calls overhead will be from flocks of purple-crowned lorikeets. They flock in to feast on the flowers. Birdwatchers may be lucky to spot honeyeaters, wrens, fantails and robins. Sit quietly and keep your eyes peeled on the undergrowth.

This park is also home to Western Australia’s most famous climbing karri tree. The Gloucester Tree was once a fire lookout tree. Fearless dare devils can climb up the 153 pegs.

The forest is home to many small native animals. These include quenda, quokkas, mardos and dunnarts. It’s unlikely you’ll see these shy and elusive creatures. But it’s good to know they’re here.

Take a drive on the Karri Forest Explorer, that winds 86km through some of the south west’s most magnificent karri forest.

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The Karri Forest Explorer Drive winds through some of the south-west’s most magnificent karri forest.

Karri Forest Explorer

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