Welcome to The Flax Mill at Boyup Brook, a living testament to history. Erected in 1941, this monumental structure played a pivotal role in Boyup’s past, serving as a hub for processing flax cultivated in the region during the wartime era. The flax fiber extracted here proved indispensable for crafting essential items such as tents, parachute harnesses, webbing, tarpaulins, and even fire hoses for munitions purposes.

A remarkable feat unfolded as a staggering 28,000 miles of 3″ wide fire hose, exclusively made from Australian flax, emerged from the mill. Beyond military applications, flax found its way into linoleum floor coverings, while its second and third-grade tow (short fiber) journeyed to Japan for use in cigarette papers. Worldwide, flax became a key player in the textile industry, showcasing its unique quality of strengthening when wet, ideal for robust ship-tying ropes.

During its heyday, over 400 individuals were engaged in flax production across the district, creating a flourishing economy that significantly boosted the beer quota at The Boyup Brook hotel. However, the industry faced a downturn when the Russians inundated the market with low-grade flax, leading to a rapid decline in flax prices.

In the early 1960s, a visionary venture involving Bunnings, Cullity Timbers, and Hearn Bros. aimed to repurpose flax shives and wood chips for chipboard production. Unfortunately, this initiative faltered due to the concurrent decline in the building industry. Post-closure, an auction disbursed the mill’s operational components, leaving behind the poignant structures as the sole remnants of a bygone era.

Today, the front undercroft hosts an office with a replica showcasing The Flax Mill in its full operational glory. The site’s transformation continued in 1982 when the caravan park, once situated where the hockey grounds now stand, relocated onto the flax mill grounds. Offering camping sites, some with power and ensuites, it has evolved into an inviting destination for holidaymakers exploring the enchanting southwestern region. Immerse yourself in the rich history of The Flax Mill at Boyup Brook, where the past comes to life amidst these enduring structures and picturesque surroundings.