Hey there! We are a Working Hostel tucked away in the bush a few kilometres out of Manjimup, WA. A quiet relaxing place surrounded by nature where sightings of Australian wildlife such as kangaroos & kookaburras are not uncommon. Away from the lights of the towns and cities, we are blessed with the sights of clear night skies perfect for relaxing under the stars. We hope you visit us and enjoy these experiences.

Working Hostel since 2006 in constant contact with many local farmers, who are looking for travellers to hire. Backpackers! While you stay with us, we will do our best to get you farm work straight away to complete your 88 days / 6 months. Our friendly staff are headed by owner and operator Naomi and Office manager Bella, who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the hostel or ongoing work.