Shedley wines is a small family owned vineyard and winery on the family farm.

Our philosophy involves a totally hands on approach to grape growing, winemaking and marketing.

All vines are hand pruned, grapes are handpicked using local workers and friends, wines are hand made using open fermentation, basket pressing and minimal fining or filtering.

Our vineyard is only 3ha in area with roughly equal areas of Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet sauvignon and Shiraz. There are smaller areas of Taminga, Cabernet franc, Ruby Cabernet, Rhine riesling and trial plantings of Canada Muscat, Muscat Hamburg, Carina a few Portugese port varieties.

We encourage our customers to visit us and get involved in the grape growing and wine making process wherever possible. Pruning, picking, crushing, pressing and bottling are all areas of work where friends and customers can get involved. Chris will make the time to teach you about what he does and knows if you keep in contact and make an appointment ahead of time.

Few pleasures are more gratifying than pouring a glass of fine wine, admiring its clarity and colour, savouring its bouquet, raising it to your lips and knowing that you bottled it yourself.