Southern Forests Arts: Igniting Creativity and Celebrating the Arts in Northcliffe, WA

Welcome to Southern Forests Arts, a vibrant hub of artistic expression nestled in the heart of Northcliffe, Western Australia. Our organization is dedicated to fostering creativity, supporting local artists, and showcasing the beauty and talent that thrives in the Southern Forests region. From visual arts to performances, workshops, and community events, Southern Forests Arts is a catalyst for cultural enrichment, where imagination knows no bounds.

Our story is constantly unfolding. We are an organisation dedicated to learning, growth and dreaming. We have some constants – we have always turned to wild spaces (within Nature and within ourselves) for solace and inspiration. We have many variables – we are always exploring new ways to connect with our many communities of interest.

At Southern Forests Arts, our mission is to cultivate a thriving arts community and promote the transformative power of creativity. We believe that the arts have the ability to inspire, connect, and enrich lives, and we are committed to creating opportunities for artists and audiences to come together and experience the magic of artistic expression.

By combining our two key passions – our incredible natural environment and our creative people – in way that was relevant to our local experience and nationally unique, we launched our Understory Art & Nature Trail and Painted Tree Gallery in 2006 as part of our inaugural Southern Forest Arts Festival.