Southern Forests Chocolate Company is a small, family-owned business based in Pemberton, Western Australia. We specialize in crafting premium, hand-made chocolates using only the finest ingredients sourced from the lush forests of the Southern Forests region.

Opening in 2021, we turned an old distillery into our new artisan chocolate shop. We’re located just 10 minutes out of Pemberton amongst the Southern Forests, where you can sit under the shadow of the Karri trees next door and enjoy a chocolate treat or two.

We also serve real hot chocolates from white to 70%, as well as great coffee. Since opening we’ve been experimenting and developing a range of unique flavours that you won’t find on the supermarket shelf. We use homegrown ingredients from our garden and fruit trees, as well as other local produce where possible.

Our chocolate is gluten-free, dairy-free, and suitable for vegans, making it the perfect treat for everyone to enjoy.
Visit us at our Pemberton shop and taste the difference for yourself. From our classic dark chocolate to our unique, seasonal flavors, our chocolates are the perfect way to indulge in a little luxury. So whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to stop by and treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate experience!