The Boyup Brook Visitor Centre is home to the best collection of jewel beetles outside the British Museum of Natural History.

The Carnaby Collection of beetles and butterflies in Boyup Brook is a comprehensive assortment of insect specimens that showcases the rich diversity of these fascinating creatures in the region. Located in Boyup Brook, a picturesque town in Western Australia, this collection serves as both an educational resource and a testament to the natural beauty of the area.

The collection is named after the Carnaby family, passionate entomologists who dedicated their lives to studying and preserving the insect species found in the Boyup Brook region. Their tireless efforts spanned several decades, resulting in a remarkable collection that is now housed in a dedicated exhibition space within the Boyup Brook Visitor Centre.

Visitors to the Carnaby Collection can explore a wide variety of beetles and butterflies, meticulously preserved and displayed in glass cases. The collection boasts an extensive array of species, representing the diverse insect populations found in the area. From vibrant and colorful butterflies to intricately patterned beetles, each specimen offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of these tiny creatures.