Tinderbox is a small, earthy business based on herbalism. It evolved from an authentic love of plants, a passion for healing and exploring the myriad ways of creating pure and safe products for family and friends.
We produce the purest of products based only on ingredients from the plant world with no artificial additives, colour or “hidden extras”. These are no ordinary products, but an “experience” of healing and well-being at affordable prices. Tinderbox skincare products are not tested on animals.
In 1982 there were very few natural products on the market. We opened a shop in the small township of Balingup, in Australia’s South West; a unique and unusual shop, as people discovered. The business blossomed as more people were drawn to Tinderbox to try these pure plant products that really seemed to work.
The commitment to use only quality ingredients from the plant world and to ensure the end product is not corrupted with any hidden chemical additives has remained a salient objective of the business to this day.