At Walpole Country Club, we take pride in our journey from the pioneer days to the present, offering a high-quality golf and bowls experience set amidst the breathtaking beauty of our surroundings. We’ve come a long way and continue to evolve as a hub for golf and social recreation in the heart of Walpole.

Today, we offer more than just golf. Our club now hosts summer Friday afternoon/evening social games, providing an excellent opportunity for visitors and members to enjoy the stunning environment and the top-tier golfing and bowls experience we provide. Whether you’re looking for a casual round of golf or are eager to participate in our competitions, everyone is welcome at Walpole Country Club.

Bowls also features at Walpole Country Club. The club was one of the first in WA to establish a synthetic bowling green and in late 2021 our long standing synthetic green was replaced with a new green. Players report the new green is as good or superior to the old one and is a joy to play. New and existing members members welcome you to come and try it out. Casual and competition bowls events happen regularly so phone us to find out when and how you can join in.

As well as a stunning outlook Walpole Country Club has many facilities. These, subject to the Club’s sporting calendar, are available for hire for functions and events including weddings, conferences, meetings and more.
The clubrooms can cater for up to 240 people with a full commercial sized kitchen.