Located in St Johns Brook Conservation Park, Workmans Pool is situated close to picturesque river pools, making it a favourite for swimming and picnicking.

Workmans Pool earnt its name from the fact that workers from the mill in the 19th century were not allowed to bathe at nearby Barrabup Pool. The area has a fascinating saw-milling history from early last century that is still evident today around nearby Barrabup Pool and along the Old Timberline Trail – a track that can be enjoyed on foot or bike, and connects with the Munda Biddi.

Surrounded by forest, there are 6 campsites on the banks at the Workmans Pool Campround. Campsites cannot be booked and operate on a first come, first served basis. Toilets, fire wood and rubbish disposal is provided and pets are not permitted.

Need to know

Dog Friendly

No pets allowed

Park Entry Fee

Entry to St John Brook Conservation Park is free.


Toilets are available





Camp alongside a babbling brook in a tranquil conservation park.

St John Brook Conservation Park

Workmans Pool, Barrabup WA
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Barrabup Pool is a lovely natural pool. On a hot summer day, it’s the ideal spot to take in the scenery or go for a swim.

Barrabup Pool

Barrabup pool, Barrabup WA
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A small campground set in the forest next to the gently flowing St John Brook and its picturesque river pools.

Workmans Pool Campground

Workmans Pool, Barrabup WA
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