All of the tracks around Donnelley Village are well maintained and go through a variety of forests types, including a lot of Karri forest.

The most famous walking track running through Donnelley Village is the Bibbulmun Track. This 1000 km track goes from Perth to Albany on the south coast. You can walk a section of the Bibbulmun starting in the village.

There are also short walk tracks around Donnelley Village including Hidden bridge and Troll bridge trails. This 4.8 km track is suitable for either walking or riding and can be split into one or two outings or added on to other walks or rides.

Hidden Bridge – head north from the Wheatley dam (swimming dam) to where the dam narrows and meets the silt dam and the creek that occasionally fills the dam). Then it’s a pleasant 1.4km loop following each side of the creek line. Look out for the old railway bridge as you cross the creek.

Troll Bridge – head south from the Wheatley dam along Pool Road. After about 800m continue straight on where Pool road veers left. You’ll quickly get to an old railway bridge that crosses the Donnelly River. The bridge is falling down so make your way down the bank on the right-hand side of the bridge to get across and follow DonneIly River Village the trail as it loops back to the village.