Spend a few hours, or a few days, exploring the waters of the Deep River at Fernhook Falls.

Fernhook Falls is an attractive bush camping and picnic spot on Deep River. The mood of the Deep River at Fernhook Falls depends on the season. In winter, the water gushes furiously over the granite boulders creating a whitewash of froth. In summer, the flow is reduced to a trickle and Rowell’s Pool is a calm, tranquil place.

Deep River is one of the few rivers in the south-west within an almost completely forested catchment. As a result, although heavily loaded with organic tannins, the water is of high quality. There is a walk trail and boardwalk that follow the Deep River giving great views of the falls. Spectacular in winter when it flows in heavy torrents, the falls spill down over granite rocks and into Rowels Pool.

From Rowells Pool you can canoe/kayak down the river all the way to the South West Highway a distance of 38.9km. This takes around 3 days with overnight camps at Gladstone Falls & Centre Road.

The water levels are only high enough between June & November with conditions and difficulty varying per water flow.

How to get there:
From Walpole: drive west on the South Western Highway for about 35km, turn right on to Beardmore Road. Fernhook Falls is
about 6km east on Beardmore Road. Alternatively, drive north from Walpole on North Walpole Road for 20km, turn left onto
Beardmore Road, Fernhook Falls is 11km west. Both routes involve some driving on gravel roads.