Located a short walk from the former timber town of Quinninup, the King Karri Trail is a walk through the giants of the South West.

This 3.5 kilometre loop showcases the magnificence of the ancient Karri forest as you get lost in the sights and sounds of this remarkable area.

The King Karri Trail is one of three small trails located within a short distance of the small town of Quinninup. This 3.5km loop utilises a section of the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail that runs through the town and traverses a section of old growth Karri forest.

This amazing trail will have you either looking skyward to the giant Karri trees including two named trees, “Hollow Butt” (63m) and “Shaggy Karri” (73m) or to the forest floor where there are 18 different types of macro-fungi that grow in the area. Take your time walking through this green paradise as there is plenty to see if you keep an eye out for it.