Lake Jasper is the largest fresh water lake in South Western Australia, and together with Lake Wilson and Lake Smith forms part of an important wetland system.

Access to Lake Jasper is from Scott Road which is good for non 4WD vehicles as far as the old wooden bridge over the Donnelly River. From here the road to Lake Jasper, about 10km, is 4WD only as it is very sandy. En route are Lake Smith and Lake Wilson – smaller versions of Lake Jasper

Lake Jasper itself is a fantastic destination to canoe or Paddle, it is a peaceful and pristine freshwater lake surrounded by wetland. It can be windy as both the surrounding land and the vegetation are low and offer no protection. The lake is over 3m deep in places, other places are shallow, such as in the northern part which has broken ground and rocks of the ancient sea bed.

The Lake Jasper to Black Point 4WD trail is a 23.3-km sandy and beautiful, 4WD track that connects the campsites at Lake Jasper to Black Point within the D’Entrecasteaux National Park.

The route follows the Woodaburrup Road just inland of the white sand beaches and coastal cliffs. The final destination of the route is the unique Black Point, a headland formed of black-coloured basalt cliffs at the coast’s edge. Surfers, fishers, and 4WD enthusiasts have long come to Black Point to enjoy a touch of solitude and the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

This trail is great for camping and off-road driving.