Set amid the karri forest about eight kilometres south of Pemberton, these rocky rapids and surrounds provide a place for an outdoor lunch, a leisurely afternoon stroll, or a few peaceful hours of fly fishing.

The Cascades are a series of picturesque waterfalls that flow from the Lefroy Brook near Pemberton. Enjoy a lovely day wandering through the forest and fishing at the Cascades.

Nestled in the Gloucester National Park, this tranquil setting is only four hours drive south of Perth.

Just off the Bibbulmun Track, the walking enthusiast will enjoy the six kilometre walk along the track from Pemberton to the Cascades. There is a trail which allows you to loop around the waterfalls and capture a photo from every angle. The views are magnificent and the natural surrounds refreshing and revitalising.

As you wander down to the picnic site from the parking area, listen to the voices of the birds as they chatter in the trees. Water is always a focus for forest life. From there, its just a few steps to the lookout, or you can get a closer view of the Cascades by stepping down to a boardwalk that crosses a tributary of Lefroy Brook. Beware of the slippery rocks and stay well back from the water’s edge.

The loop trail, which starts from the picnic area and crosses the tramway, takes you through different types of forest and you will see some lush fern and reed growth near the water. The trail passes through the peppermints and sheoaks. So try to identify the trees or catch a glimpse of a trout or marron in the brook.

The national park is home to many of the state’s marsupials and wildflowers which can be spotted whilst walking along the trail. Return to Pemberton along the track or alternatively catch the tourist tram.