Embark on an adventure through the serene Northcliffe Forest Park Trail, a 7.5km journey that winds through the captivating natural beauty of this reserve bordering the town. For families with young ones, the nearby Jubilee Trail offers a shorter, child-friendly path, perfect for little explorers. Extend your exploration by connecting to the Boorara Linkage Trail, forming a scenic 36km loop leading to the majestic Boorara Tree and offering glimpses of the stunning Lane Poole Falls along the way.

The Northcliffe Forest Park stands as a splendid sanctuary embracing the eastern fringes of Northcliffe town. Within its bounds thrive diverse forest ecosystems, from pristine stretches of ancient Karri to pockets of mature Marri trees. It boasts exemplary blends of Marri and Jarrah forest, as well as Karri intertwined with Allocasuarina, alongside coastal swamp habitats, showcasing the rich tapestry of Western Australia’s natural heritage.

The Forest Park Trail is located behind the Northcliffe Visitor Centre. The Forest Park is also a beautiful spot for a picnic, with barbecue facilities.