The Old Rectory Trail runs approximately 1km to the west of the iconic Bridgetown timber bridge along the picturesque Blackwood River.

This walk trail was originally used by the Anglican Parish Priests when the ‘Old Rectory’ was located at the end of the trail as the means of linking ‘home’ to ‘work’. The historic (100 year old) St Paul’s Anglican Church is located in the Bridgetown town site at the opposite end of the trail, across the bridge.

The ‘Old Rectory’ is now privately owned property, so walkers cannot enter the Rectory itself, but instead can retrace their footsteps back along the trail or access a loop link and return to the timber bridge along the service road adjacent to the Brockman Highway. This affords the walker the opportunity to view the public art sculpture at the southern end of the Bridge. This piece of artwork symbolises the water drop – water being an element integral to environmental sustainability. This walk connects to the River Park.

Caution should be taken during winter as the river can flood parts of the trail.