Taste the regions wines (and beers) while ridding through Pemberton’s picturesque scenery.

Ride 1 – Pemberton to Big Brook Dam
1. Starting point Pemberton.
2. Head south (downhill) turn right at the Pemberton Backpackers (opposite the Pemberton Discovery Centre) into Swimming Pool Road. At the end turn left onto Pump Hill Road.
3. Follow the road around the bend, go past the water treatment plant, cross over the bridge and turn right and then immediately left onto the gravel road – the Rainbow Trail.
4. Shared Trail: Give way to walkers on the Bibbulmun Track and around Big Brook Dam.
5. Shared Trail: Follow the Rainbow Trail passing Karri Oak approx. 3 kilometres. The track then heads uphill; the Bibbulmun Track turns off to the right – walkers only. Head up the hill, passing Link road / Stan road on your left.
6. Continue on, cross over the Bibbulmun Track, up the hill passing the no entry sign Ignore the road closed sign – this is for vehicles only, there is a farmhouse situated on your right.
7. Upon reaching the dam follow the small track to the left next to the steps onto the Big Brook Dam walk trail; Shared Use. Turn right and cross over the dam spillway head towards the beach. Located at the beach area: toilets, picnic facilities, water at the shelter and vehicle access.

Option 1: Return via Karri Forest Explorer Drive (via Hidden River Estate).
Distance approximately 13 kilometres total – this is all Shared Trail.
1. From the dam Information Bay or beach BBQ area make your way to the carpark.
2. Shared Trail: Turn right from the carpark make your way along the sealed Tramway Trail (part of the Karri Forest Explorer Drive) towards Pemberton township.
3. Cross the concrete culvert bridge – you should see Hidden River Estate on your Left hand side. Enjoy Sue & Aardal’s hospitality, biCycle parking is under the deck and any purchases can be dropped into town.
4. Returning to the Tramway Trail – turn left to continue and take the 90’ bend onto Mullineaux road passing Tantemaggie vineyard & trufferie on your right hand side and the Pemberton Golf Club.
5. At the top of the hill is Golf links road and markers for the Munda Biddi Mountain Bike Trail.
6. Take a right hand turn onto Golf links road – follow the Munda Biddi Trail 500m to Kemp road (RHS).
7. Turn right into Kemp road (unsealed) 8. At the end of Kemp road you will see the signs for Jarrah jacks Brewery. Turn right into the brewery; again biCycle parking is under the deck.
9. Return to Pemberton after leaving Jarrah jacks by turning left onto Kemp road Shared Trail then right onto Mullineaux road and follow the Munda Biddi Trail markers back to town via the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park.
*Note Jarrah Jacks is now closed.

Option 2: Return via Stirling road (via Rambouillet & Forest Fresh Marron.
Distance approximately 17.4 kilometres – this is all Shared Trail.
1. Continue around the dam past two wooden shelters and cross over a small wooden bridge. Ride 100 metres and turn hard right onto the Bibbulmun Track (track change from sealed to gravel). Shared Trail.
2. Head up the gravel track continue on the gravel road it takes you to the Big Brook Arboretum Campground.
3. From Pemberton Arboretum Campground travel along the Tramway Trail Shared Trail following the signs pointing to Pemberton. At the T junction turn right onto the Tramway Trail from the campground towards Stirling Road.
4. At Stirling road (sealed Rd) turn Left and follow the road into Pemberton.
5. Pass Rambouillet on your right
6. On returning to Stirling road continue downhill watching traffic – Shared Trail.
7. Stirling road is off to your right – ignore and continue straight (the road changes to Pump Hill Road)
8. Travel down the hill and over the bridge (passing the start of the Rainbow Trail).
9. Forest Fresh Marron is located on your left just after the bridge – look for Bali flags.
10. Continue into town or travel along Pump hill road towards the Pemberton Pool and discover the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park.

Enjoy the Ride & Ride Responsibly!