The Pemberton to Big Brook Dam & Return trail is a great ride out alongside the Lefroy Brook on the old tourist drive – Rainbow Trail.

The trail goes out to Big Brook Dam and utilises old fire roads, tracks and the Big Brook Dam trail. Stunning Karri trees, a swim at Big Brook Dam or a picnic with vehicle access for those who would like to meet you along the way. The trail uses the Rainbow Trail, now a multi use trail with walkers, horses and mountain bikers, and a shared section with the Bibbulmun Track on the way out and on the return.

Commence the ride at the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park trail head. As you head out the trail follows the Lefroy Brook with water cascading over small rapids along its way towards the Warren River. The ride utilizes gravel roads, fire trails and single track. There maybe sticks, the odd tree limb and logs and some water erosion on the gravel roads and tracks. Note that there maybe vehicles due to people accessing the river for fishing, Water Corporation workers accessing the Pemberton Weir and the one farmhouse located off Rainbow Trail.

• Starting point Pemberton Mountain Bike Park trail head.
• Ride up the Link Trail and head west on Woodcutters down to the Pemberton Trout Hatchery.
• At the Pemberton Trout Hatchery cross over the bridge and turn hard right onto the Rainbow Trail just before hitting Pump Hill Road .
• Follow the gravel road – the Rainbow Trail. Note this is a shared Trail so please give way to walkers on the Bibbulmun Track and around Big Brook Dam.
• Follow the Rainbow Trail passing Karri Oak (T junction to your right) approx. 3 kilometres.
• The track then heads uphill; the Bibbulmun Track turns off to the right – walkers only.
• Head up the hill, passing Link road / Stan road on your left; this is the gravel road you will return on.
• Continue on, passing over the Bibbulmun Track, up the hill passing the no entry sign, there is a farmhouse situated on your right.
• Upon reaching the dam follow the small track to the left next to the steps onto the Big Brook Dam walk trail; Shared Use.
• Turn right and cross over the dam spillway heading towards the beach. Give way to walkers please.
• Located at the beach area: toilets, picnic facilities, water at the shelter and vehicle access. Friends or family can drive out and meet you at the shelter at the beach.
• Continue around the dam past two wooden shelters and cross over a small wooden bridge.
• Ride 100 metres and turn hard right onto the Bibbulmun Track.
• Head up the gravel track and turn left onto Link Road. If you continue on the gravel road it takes you to the Big Brook Campground and Pemberton Arboretum.
• Ride up the hill crossing over the intersection.
• Follow Link road / Stan road through to the Rainbow Trail.
• Turn right onto the Rainbow Trail and head back to Pemberton.
• At the end of the gravel road turn hard left onto the bitumen road crossing over the bridge and head back to the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park trail head.

If starting in Pemberton, turn into Swimming Pool Road, turn left onto Pump Hill Road. Ride around past the Pemberton Caravan Park, the Pemberton Water Treatment Plant, cross over the bridge and turn right onto the gravel road – Rainbow Trail. Reverse directions on the way back into Pemberton