The Preston River flows through Donnybrook with a walk trail on both sides of the river.

The 1.8 kilometre loop is a peaceful stroll with cultural interpretation of the local area on the Donnybrook Indigenous Walk Trail and Wagyl Sculpture.

On the east side of the South West Hwy in Donnybrook you’ll find the Wagyl Sculpture and the entry to the Indigenous Walk Trail and the Preston River Loop Walk.

The Wagyl Sculpture and Indigenous Walk Trail was created to lead walkers from the Donnybrook main street down to the suspension bridge, and over the Preston River. The elders shared their knowledge, stories and ideas.

The Dreamtime story of the creation of what we now call the Preston River and many other stories can be read as you walk the Donnybrook Indigenous Walk Trail. Information about the plant and animal life in the area, as well as the features of the six seasons unfold as you begin the walk through the waterwise garden. The Trail allows you to wander over the suspension bridge and read more as you explore the grassy area on the far side.

For another 20 minutes, keep walking south along the well-worn dirt track by the River until you come to the weir (low level bridge), which should only be crossed if there is no water running over it. The Trail returns along the west bank of the Preston River where you can enjoy a shady and attractive stroll back towards Donnybrook townsite.