Skills Loop provides a great introduction to single track. Riders will encounter a range of obstacles to expose them to elements of mountain biking, including: roots, corners, bridges, log rolls, tree pinches and rollers.

This trail begins behind the start ramp of the ‘Dirt Jumps’. It is a great trail to warm up on or introduce new riders to the world of mountain biking.

The gradient of this trail is mainly flat so it is also suitable for all riders.

Riders will be challenged by roots, tree pinches, different types of corners (berms, flat & off camber), small log rolls, rollers and a few small bridge features. The trail concludes with a couple of rollers and a table top as you head back towards the Pemberton Pool and the ‘Dirt Jumps’ area.

Locals Tip: Riders looking to push their skills further can venture over to Tech Track for further technical challenges.