The Warren River Loop Walk is located in the Warren National Park near Pemberton. This 10.5km moderately difficult walk follows the Warren River and passes through some of the regions most magnificent old growth karri forest.

The trail takes you deep into the moss-clad Warren River valley where it meanders alongside the river, through groves of karri, sheoak and Warren River cedar.

In springtime, the colourful display of wildflowers typifies the diversity of plants that grow in this pristine national park. The colours and forms of the fungi that inhabit the forest during the cooler, wetter months have to be seen to be believed.

The trail passes beautiful picnic places alongside the Warren River at Maiden Bush, Drafty’s Camp and Warren Camp, and takes in the whirling rapids at Heartbreak Crossing. Warren Lookout provides sweeping views down the steep valley to the river below.

Being a loop trail, this walk can be started from any point and can be walked in short sections ranging from 300m to 2.8km. The track is steep in places as it climbs in and out of the river valley. To avoid walking up the steepest section, the trail is best walked in an anticlockwise direction.