In the scenic Southern Forest Region of Pemberton, lies a renowned roadside stall that beckons both locals and tourists from across the country. This beloved destination offers Heirloom variety of seasonal pumpkins, tomatoes, squash, garlic and many more items from Warren Grange Horticulture. Also offers a wide array of seasonal potatoes, sourced directly from the nearby farm Falci Spuds – Damper Gully Farms, allowing visitors to indulge in an authentic paddock-to-plate experience.

Warren Grange was established in 2011 with the purpose of growing rarely seen and unusual vegetables. If they are strange, funky or otherwise different, then they’re our specialties. We love the mix of visual beauty with fabulous old flavours which appeal to today’s discerning palates. We are passionate about introducing heirloom vegetables to consumers, and love it when our customers get excited about trying them and experimenting with new recipes.

​All of our produce is locally grown on our beautiful farm, which is surrounded by Karri and Marri forest in the Diamond Tree region of southwestern Western Australia.