Nestled amidst the majestic Jarrah and Kari Trees in the scenic Southern Forest Region of Pemberton, Western Australia, lies a renowned roadside stall that beckons both locals and tourists. This beloved destination offers a wide array of seasonal potatoes, sourced directly from the nearby farm, allowing visitors to indulge in an authentic paddock-to-plate experience.

Complementing these delectable spuds are an assortment of exquisite produce, including heirloom pumpkins, tomatoes, squash, garlic, and an abundance of other items, all sourced from our esteemed neighbors at Warren Grange Horticulture.

Damper Gully Farm is a family-owned and operated farm.  Andrew and Lisa Falcinella with their three children, along with Andrews parents Paul and Avis. Paul grew up on the Diamond tree road farm, working with his father Valentino growing potatoes and running cattle. Andrew has been at home on the farm for more than 20 years working alongside his father Paul.