Trees, Trails, and Great People – 3 days of running and hiking through the Karri Forest

Pemby Trail Fest offers three days of breath taking wilderness! Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and discover the grand Karri Forests of Pemberton. With stunning trails, and plenty of attractions to visit, we’re sure you will love Pemberton as much as we do!

The festival is a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the region and experience the thrill of trail running. With the support of the local community, you’ll feel right at home as you navigate your way through the forests and mountains of Pemberton.
Spectators are welcome to cheer on the Pemby Trail Fest participants from the Event Villages – Friday Night and Saturday at Pemberton District High School and Sunday at Pemberton Swimming Pool.

So whether you’re a seasoned trail runner or just starting out, come and join us at the Pemby Trail Fest for a weekend of adventure, excitement, and outdoor fun. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling inspired and energized, with memories that will last a lifetime.