The rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is a metaphor for a new idea, concept or opportunity.

Following the rabbit down the rabbit hole represents following that new idea, concept or creative pursuit solely for the excitement of discovery and adventure just as Alice did.

The Rabbit Hole Bridgetown has been designed as a space for art play…. for experimentation with the creative process in all it’s forms….and then the sharing of that art with the wider community.

Cutest little bookshop in the West….a tiny Art Shop, Foyer Gallery and buy direct from 9 artists and creators.

The Rabbit Hole is a constantly changing and dynamic art space showcasing the many artists and creatives who live in Bridgetown. A different local artist exhibits in The Foyer Gallery each month, on any given day visitors can see artists at work in one of the 9 working studios and numerous other artists conduct regular workshops in the central working area.
The cutest little bookshop in the West” is a wonderful, evocative corner of the space. There you can relax and lose yourself in the world of books, then take home a modern novel or vintage find.