My art reflects the environment and current events. Wildfires and land clearing destroy habitat, war in Ukraine many flee their homelands , Covid sweeps the World creating new fears. Is the Universe sending a warning?
The Dreamtime Stories of the Aboriginal People are a source of inspiration that I endeavour to capture in a unique way Birds feature strongly in my work striving to capture a moment in time and an emotional connection with the viewer.
My current works involve layers of heated beeswax and damar resin applied over a gesso prepared board with initial application of inks, pigments, charcoal or watercolor. Alternatively, watercolor paper with burnt edges is a starting point. Plaster is added for texture. Carving back into the wax surface reveals layers beneath with unexpected results taking the work in a new direction. Pigments and Collage elements are trapped between the layers and textured wax features on the surface.
3 D forms are created with a plaster base shape applying cloth, paper with encaustic medium and pigments creating sculptural forms that have an organic and textural quality. Working only with paper torn shaped into vessels and adhered together with encaustic medium is another approach.
My work is constantly evolving as is our environment.