Orana stands as an attractive and functional property situated in the South West of Australia, specifically in Bridgetown. Positioned just a 4-minute drive from town, Orana boasts a stunning and practical main living space—a generously proportioned Hay Shed bathed in natural light, affording breathtaking views of a sparkling lake.

The Hay Shed is thoughtfully equipped to provide everything essential for uncomplicated, pristine living in the great Australian outdoors. Its immaculate kitchen and bathroom facilities complement cozy bedrooms, creating a welcoming atmosphere in the midst of nature. The expansive open plan living area adds to the overall spaciousness of the property.

At Orana, we extend a warm welcome to you.

The space
Orana is a beautiful property where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor living of Australia. In the winter you can light a cozy fire inside, or even toast marshmallows on the pit fire outside. In the summer you can relax by the sparkling clean fresh water lake or laze around catching sun on your private jetty.

  • Park Lands: The very well and beautifully manicured land around the lake and the Hay Shed offers plenty of space to safely play with friends or family.
  • Nature Walks: Nature walks are a must along the tracks in the state forrest which is right next to this property. Sighting Australian wild flowers and small native animals along the walk provide a wonderful bush experience.
  • Kangaroo Watching: Relax back in the evening under the shelter of the verandah and enjoy watching the kangaroos pass by under the setting sun.