Opening in April 2016, Petrichor Gallery showcases the diverse and outstanding works of local and regional artists.

The south coast of WA has long been a haven for artisans drawn to the area by the internationally recognised Walpole Wilderness. Rugged oceans, tall forests, secret rivers and great expanses of wilderness provide inspiration in abundance.

Local artist and head curator at Petrichor Gallery, Elizabeth Edmonds, has had a long love affair with the natural environment and history around Walpole. This is reflected in her own work as well as the range of works from other artists exhibiting at the gallery.

The gallery started life in the 1980’s as a studio for an internationally renowned glassblower. Purposely built for displaying works of fine art, the gallery has a natural, relaxed ambience and is a must see for anyone visiting the south coast. Located on the main street of Walpole, the gallery is clearly visible from South Coast Highway. For those unable to visit in person or travelling, we are more than happy to arrange transport of items on your behalf.