You can explore a replica fire lookout cabin or follow the 5km return walk trail.

Boorara Tree

The Boorara Tree was once part of a network of 18 fire lookout towers throughout the southern forests. There were eight trees like the Boorara Tree and 10 other lookouts constructed or built on high points in the landscape. It was pegged in 1952 and a cabin built at the top. On most days during the fire season, the towerperson climbed up to the cabin, keeping a watchful eye over the forest for any sign of smoke. Eventually, the upper trunk weakened and became too unstable so the cabin was removed. A replica cabin was built on the ground and you can explore this and imagine what it was like to be a towerperson.


Lane Poole Falls

There is a 5km return walk trail here which takes you to Lane Poole Falls. In winter, the Canterbury River cascades 12m over the smooth granite rock to the foaming pools below.

Take a break and enjoy a picnic here.

Need to know

Dog Friendly

No dogs (or other pets) allowed in this park

Park Entry Fee

Entry to Boorara-Gardner National Park is free


No toilets at this location. Follow Leave No Trace principles.


Picnic Table



Venture into wild forest on this 5km moderate walk trail linking the Boorara Tree recreation site with Lane Poole Falls. …

Lane Poole Falls Walk Trail

Distance 5km return
Difficulty Moderate
Time 1-3 hours
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