Lake Muir Observatory is a popular rest stop for travellers on the Muir Highway.

A bird hide and boardwalk enable you to wander through the unique wetlands fringing this biodiversity hotspot. A picturesque location known for its stunning wildflower displays, the area surrounding the lake bursts with vibrant colors as wildflowers bloom in abundance. Visitors can expect to find an array of species, including Karri Cowslips, Pink Fairy Orchids, Zebra Orchids, Cherry Spiders, and many more.

Overlooking Lake Muir, facilities include a 110m boardwalk, observatory, shelter, picnic tables, interpretive information and toilet.

Need to know

Dog Friendly

No pets allowed

Park Entry Fee

Entry to Lake Muir Nature Reserve is free.


Toilets are available. Non-flushable drop toilet

Yes. Accesssed easily by people with mobility challenges.


Shade Shelter
Picnic Table
Wildlife Hide