The Town Heritage Walk is an easy stroll that can take hours depending on how many shops, cafes and bars you stop at. Both sides of Hampton Street are lined with historic buildings, many dating back over 100 years.

The Town Heritage Walk is an easy and pleasant way of taking in Bridgetown’s historical buildings. Just grab an information booklet from the Bridgetown Visitors Centre and follow the map while reading about the various locations. Along the way you can stop for a coffee or drink and do some shopping.

This beautifully located historic town-site was originally named Geegelup, until renamed Bridgetown in 1868. Many buildings are so well preserved that the National Trust of Australia designated Bridgetown an official Heritage Town. Some of the more significant historic landmarks you will see are the bridge across the Blackwood River, St Brigid’s Catholic Church and convent, National Bank building, the Town Hall and St Paul’s Anglican Church.