Coodamurrup Hut is situated in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park and is approximately 1 hour from Northcliffe or 2 hours from Pemberton and is accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles only.

The D’Entrecasteaux National Park covers a vast area from Yeagarup Dunes to Broke Inlet. Spending two days in the area along the beach can cover over 100km of 4WDing.

Moore’s track runs off Chesapeake Road that branches off the Windy Harbour Road south of Northcliffe. Once at the T junction for Moore’s track, the west track will lead to Moore’s hut, Moore’s camp grounds and Coodamurrup Beach. The east track leads to Fish Creek, Fish Creek Hut, West Cliff Point and Sand Peak.

From Moore’s track junction to Moore’s Hut and Campgrounds is only a short 6km drive. Moore’s Hut (aka Coodamurrup Hut) is a relic from the pastoral era. It was constructed in 1911 using native bush timbers and salvaged oak from the coast. The hut provides a rustic and basic shelter option close to Coodamurrup Beach. Camping is provided in a peppermint woodland setting close to the Hut.

From the Hut to Coodamurrup beach is under 2km, and to Fish Creek is 17km. The Coodamurrup Beach track is very good only getting soft as you ascend the first dune. The Fish Creek track entails crossing the creek and some hill climbs.

There is much to do, see and explore around Coodamurrup Hut, so pack up your gear and make a weekend of it.