This trail is divided into two distinct, separate sections; an uphill and a downhill.

Cool Running Uphill is a steep climb trail from the trout hatchery to the trail head at the top of the ‘Main Hill’. Cool Running Downhill is a fast flowing descent littered with berms and jumps.

Cool Running Uphill starts just above the trout hatchery. This climb trail would suit riders with a medium to high fitness level. It includes tight, technical switchbacks that briefly give way to a more mellow climb to let you catch your breath, before finishing on a steep pitch straight to the top of the hill.

Cool Running Downhill is a machine built flow trail. It starts at the main trail head at the top of the ‘Main Hill’ and heads quickly downwards. Much like a bobsled track, it is a fast flowing trail that makes the most of the epic Karri soil. Berms help riders keep their speed up whilst the jumps will encourage plenty of air time. The trail ends at the ‘Trevor’s Trail’ fire road which riders can push back up for another lap, or ride down to ‘Return Trail’ which will take you back towards the pool.

Locals Tip: To avoid some of the tech switchbacks on Cool Running Uphill, cut across to Pinch Track where the trails intersect. Follow Pinch Track until it meets up with Cool Running Uphill again, for the final uphill grind.

Cool Running is part of the Pemberton MTB Park