Easy Peasy is a gentle trail suitable for beginner riders. Its lack of features is compensated by the picturesque Karri forest and dense undergrowth, making it good for both climbing and descending.

As a descent, Easy Peasy starts from the trailhead on the south side of the ‘Pump Hill’ trails. It is a wide, featureless trail through the dense undergrowth of the Karri forest, and with only a short pinch climb makes for a gentle, beginner level descent.

The trail can also be used as a climb trail, an alternative to Pumphill Uphill. Access is via the fire trail Heaven and Hard Work, a trail with a steady gradient that is continued as you turn right onto Easy Peasy. Once you cross Nearly Gnarly, the remainder of the climb is fairly gentle and takes you to the south side trailhead of ‘Pump Hill’

Locals Tip: For a faster, flowier descent, connect Easy Peasy with the end of Nearly Gnarly by turning left where the two trails intersect.